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You know you need a brand management platform when…

Brand Management

Securing a good market position requires a strong brand. Repeatedly, we see companies striving to keep up with their brand while maintaining full control. The common denominator is often the lack of systems that streamline workflows and simultaneously secure a consistent brand.

Are you working with, or even responsible for your company’s brand? How many of the following statements can you relate to?

… you spend more time looking for files than you actually use them

Perhaps a bit overstated, but a huge problem for most marketing teams that do not have a brand management system is the time they spend looking for files and other marketing collateral.

If you do not have an intuitive system for storing assets, the chances are that you will look for files 16 times each day, and a third of those times, you won’t have any luck locating the files.

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… when resources and budget is limited

The current Covid situation is inescapable. Most companies have found it necessary to reduce and tighten resources and budgets. Marketing teams are cut down, but the workload is still the same. In other words, you are now doing the same with fewer resources and budgets.

So, it is more important than ever that you have solutions that help you and your marketing department work as efficiently as possible. Especially considering that the market is becoming fiercer and more competitive. This nice mash of combinations boils down to one thing; proper brand management is crucial. 

Why should you invest in marketing and brand management

… you are dependent on designers being at hand always

If you don’t have technology that supports online templates, no doubt your designers will be working long hours. Now, most markets are driven by technology that evolves progressively fast which requires your company to keep up and be prepared for fast-moving trends in marketing.

When you don’t have the necessary tools available without depending on your designers, securing fast and agile market response slows down. With a solid template technology at hand, your heart rate will be at ease.

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… brand assets and marketing material is used interchangeably

You are on your way home from work, someone responsible for publishing your latest marketing campaign, safe at home you discover that a three-year-old logo is used. Out goes a quiet night, you got some work ahead.

Without a proper system, that constantly secures consistent and available marketing material 24/7, situations like the above will repeat over and over again.

With an online brand management platform, you secure 100% control of your marketing material and brand assets. You’ll be on top of your brand management, maintaining everything in real-time.

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…Ctrl + alt + delete – whoops!

When a company is working with multiple files it can be difficult to control everything. One familiar scenario and we have all been there, are the hours that are lost when we accidentally delete our work or our computer crashes. Easily done and happens when you least need it. But this can happen without being clumsy, sometimes files just disappear…

With a brand management system, you will always have back-ups, and horror scenarios as above are avoided. And also, you shorten the time it takes to look for files or create material – because you have stored it in a safe place and created a self-service platform for everyone in your company, rather than keeping it in our computer or on the file creators hard drive.

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… you are looking for a more efficient way of working

We are experts in simplifying our private lives. There are endless apps and gadgets that cover our needs in our everyday life, in our work life however, this mentality is still lagging.

The purpose of a brand management platform is to make your work life easier, establishing more effective branding processes. But first you need to convince your management that a brand management system is worth the investment.

Why should you invest in marketing and brand management