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How to ensure brand consistency with digital design templates

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Regardless of the size of your company, having a clear voice behind your brand is essential. To stand out from your competitors in a fierce market, brand building is more important than ever.  

For that reason, having a tool that can strengthen your brand management and grow your brand is crucial. With a system based on templates it becomes easy for your company to work with your brand, always aligned with brand identity guidelines. Let's take a look at why digital templates are essential for your business going forward. 

Technology for your entire company, not just the marketing department

With a template solution, the workday becomes a lot easier for those in need of marketing material. Digital templates make sure all employees can create their own collateral when needed without breaking the brand identity guidelines. Efficiency is also improved as the involvement of marketing or designers is unnecessary and you achieve smooth workflows.

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Fast turnarounds, when needed

Our workday is becoming increasingly characterized by new technology. The same goes for your competitors. If your company is unable to be dynamic and prepared for fast turnarounds when needed, you will quickly lose market shares to your competitors who are more prepared. With accessible pre-made design templates, no design skills are necessary. Anyone in your company can quickly turn around and create material for immediate last-minute launches or corrections.

Secure brand identity with online design templates


There are loads of unnecessary time thieves when it comes to our workday. Brand related tasks are no exception. With digital template technology, resources and the number of involved employees are reduced. We also promise that your designers will be happy when they don’t have to be involved in every little change needed. Publishing and launching take a lot less time – reduced time spent is also money saved. Design templates will also help to reduce excessive agency costs.

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Look for a system that provides templates for…

… advertisements

To gain an optimal conversion frequency, ads must be recognizable for potential customers. This is best achieved by using a combination of pre-designed templates and automated working processes that guarantees consistency across all digital channels and platforms. If you nail this, your advertisements will shine.

… social media

It is difficult to argue with those who claim that social media has been a game-changer for marketing. More than any other digital marketing channel, social media allows small and large companies to target their market segments with tailored content, more efficiently than ever.

But these platforms also come with many challenges for brands and their tone of voice. Timing and consistency are everything, and it gives already busy marketers a huge challenge when resources are stretched and there are deadlines to meet. With pre-defined templates designing assets is easy, regardless of who makes it, and your brand remains intact.

… print

Even though most marketing efforts have moved on to digital channels, your company will benefit from having templates for print as well. With self-serviced business cards, posters, roll-ups and more your employees can easily create what they need when they need it. If you work in e.g. the restaurant industry, there is no need to contact a design agency every time a new menu is needed.

… dynamic content

Standing out from your competitors demands more creativity and diversity than ever before. Static content is nice, but you need to do more. Creating dynamic content has since the beginning required skills and expertise from agencies. Not anymore. With the proper system, templates for creating, adapting, changing, and publishing dynamic content to channels of your preference is easy. When you look for a template solution provider, make sure this is part of their solution.

… video templates

If we jump back in time, videos were out of reach for most companies. It was perceived as expensive and luxurious, and the video post in the marketing budget was often allocated to other activities – but those days are gone. Now it is unthinkable to exclude video marketing. In fact, 81% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool 

As such, it is important to be able to create these videos fast and on brand in order to engage with your audience. So, look for a template technology that lets you create and adapt your video content with only a few strokes and share with your potential customers.  

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Automate and simplify your workday

A digital solution, connected with adjustable templates, will have a positive reflection on your company’s efficiency. Look for a solution that is available and intuitive and which supports all activities associated with your brand. 

Secure brand identity with online design templates