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A major challenge for many companies is to not only keep track of all the materials associated with the brand, but also ensure seamless work processes. Without a system that ensures increased control throughout the entire value chain of the brand, the day in the marketing department will not be particularly effective.

Brand HUB is the solution that allows you to sleep well at night - because you do not have to worry about these issues.

The control your marketing department needs

Marketing and branding have never moved at a faster pace than now. The technology and developments in the market ensure that marketers have to deliver faster than before.

Our solution, Brand HUB, is designed to meet precisely this need. The result is a complete brand management solution. With a powerful CMS technology at the bottom, Brand HUB is a platform that collects everything that concerns the brand - all digital files, guidelines and design templates.

By gathering everything in one system, you make sure that the necessary files are found in an efficient and easy way, while you ensure that there are no ambiguities around the brand guidelines.

You can manage your time well with long-term strategies and value-creating activities, while at the same time having control of your brand at all times. And the best part, your business's goals for growth and value are within reach.


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One HUB to rule them all

To ensure that your brand realizes its full potential in different channels, you need to have an underlying strategy. With Brand HUB, you get a competitive advantage when it comes to brand management. The solution provides seamless processes that bring your strategies to life.

This way, you will always be sure that you can maintain quality and consistency across all channels in a more efficient way - always in line with the brand's guidelines.

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Protect and empower your brand identity

The brand identity is the engine that keeps the brand going - until the guidelines are not followed. With a solution that provides accessibility and increased control, you can always ensure that the guidelines that define your brand are followed. This will ensure a recognizable brand identity and strengthen their position in the market.

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When complete control leads to increased efficiency

Order ensures that your employees do not mess up your brand message. Brand HUB minimizes the risk of inconsistency because everything is accessible from a single platform. In other words, everyone has one place to refer to when accessing your brand - where files, templates and guidelines are linked and accessible.

Not only does Brand HUB provide employees with easy access to files. With the template technology, materials can also be created without the brand being compressed - all in an efficient and controlled way.

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An automated tomorrow?

For the marketing department, having an efficient and automated working day will reflect positively on the company's profitability.

Brand HUB automates the workflows in the marketing department, which will reduce the use of resources and increase efficiency. This allows the wise minds to spend the time saved on long-term marketing and branding, in a more efficient way than before.


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