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What to look for when you choose your brand identity system? First impression counts, but so does the second and third. Making a positive impression over time, with all the messages and promotions you... Brand Management Create branding guidelines with a brand management platform Your brand is a living, breathing thing, which means it’s constantly changing. It’s also very susceptible to external factors like news, trends, and... Brand Management Collaborating with your marketing team for seamless brand management A marketing team spread across different locations can challenge how brand and marketing activities are carried out. Before you know it, your... Brand Management How to keep up business as usual According to a survey conducted by Tsinghua University and Peking University, approximately 85% of all small and medium sized businesses in China... Brand Management Empower your brand development with BrandMaster Complete chaos of files and digital assets spread in all directions can easily lead to abusage of logo and marketing material. The consequences may... Brand Management Marketing as usual - from anywhere Managing a brand efficiently is always challenging. Especially when the marketing department is scattered across different locations. Having one... Brand Management