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What to consider when rebranding Change shake things up and is often a breath of fresh air. However, regarding a decision to rebrand it is wise to think twice before you hit the... Brand Management Rebranding How to succeed with your brand development strategies Having a brand development strategy is an essential part of company growth. In fact, as much as 77% of B2B marketers say branding is crucial for... Brand Management Brand strategy Who do you need on your team when building your brand? Building a brand is not done overnight. It calls for comprehensive work that demands both resources and precision. If you’re sloppy you will probably... Brand Management Internal Branding This is how easy brand control is with BrandMaster With Brand Management and BrandMaster by your side, you make sure you have full brand control, every day and in every channel.   Brand Management How do you ensure an agile approach to your advertising strategy? Being agile, changing your message and listening to what is happening in the market is extremely important right now. A study has shown that only 8%... Brand Management Marketing Tools This is how you implement a brand management system The implementation of any new software can be overwhelming. The challenge is in ensuring seamless processing and creating a system that your... Brand Management How do you measure brand value? The importance of brand building and everything associated with strengthening your brand is increasing. Companies are focusing on branding more now... Brand Management Branding What is Brand Management? Brand management cannot be explained in one single page. Afterall, there are full time studies for this subject. So why this blog? As a marketer, you... Brand Management How to structure your brand with BrandMaster We cannot say this enough: A day in a marketers life is hectic. If you don’t make sure your brand changes with the times, you will not gain any... Brand Management Branding processes