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What is a brand platform? Tired of colleagues who don’t follow the brand guidelines and do their own thing? Or perhaps you’re always stressed because you’re lacking resources... Brand Asset Management / BAM Brand identity Why you need brand asset management Because you’re getting tired of not having brand control. You’re exhausted from continuously trying to get colleagues to use correct brand assets and... Brand Asset Management / BAM What are brand assets? Brand assets are the visuals and elements that define a brand’s identity and create value for your company. As simple as that? Yes, but not quite.... Brand Asset Management / BAM Brand strategy How online layout design templates protect your brand identity 50% of companies say their customers expect great design and cross-channel consistency from their brand. Staying consistent in every channel, on... Brand Asset Management / BAM Branding templates Why a Brand Asset Management system is important to your business Have you ever asked yourself what the most powerful corporations in the world have in common? Nike, Coca-Cola, Disney.. What are they doing to... Brand Asset Management / BAM What is Brand Asset Management? Trending words are something marketers are used to. The Martech space is in constant movement and forces us to stay alert and pay attention. You... Brand Asset Management / BAM Elevate your branding with a brand asset management tool When it comes to branding the how’s varies equally to the number of brands that exist worldwide. Company structure, target groups, choice of channels... Brand Asset Management / BAM How to choose a branding system Making sure that your brand is always on-brand and target relevant is a challenge. As brand responsible you have probably experienced both brand... Brand Management Brand Asset Management / BAM