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How to make your brand stand out? A brand is your company’s most valuable asset, it’s the asset that attracts attention and when done correctly, it’s what establishes loyalty and... Brand Management Brand strategy Branding processes Why you need brand asset management Because you’re getting tired of not having brand control. You’re exhausted from continuously trying to get colleagues to use correct brand assets and... Brand Asset Management / BAM What are digital assets and how do you manage them? Digital assets are indispensable valuables. They consume our surroundings more than we probably are aware of. In your private life alone, you have... Digital Asset Management / DAM How BrandMaster's Display Ads elevate your banner ad creation If you’re tired of struggling with banner ad creation and can’t figure out how to streamline the creation and publishing process, you’ve come to the... Display Advertising Banner Ads What is a banner ad creator? Marketers are used to adapting to new technology and speedy marketing trends – It’s comes with the job. Nevertheless, that does not mean that it’s... Display Advertising Banner Ads Where does your brand live? Is it sensible to buy a boat without first thinking about a berth? The answer is an obvious "no". Yet many companies invest millions in rebranding or... Brand Management How to create dynamic display ads that count The average person gets bombarded with over 1,700 banner ads a month, but only sees half of them. In other words, if you want to stand out and get... Display Advertising Template Technology 7 steps on how to manage your brand In marketing, brand management is an extensive field of expertise and a full-time job. Nonetheless, it’s not uncommon that marketers have to combine... Brand Management Brand strategy How Template Studio keeps your brand consistent There are many factors that have an impact on your company’s success. Branding is one of them. Your brand is your company’s identity, it’s what... Template Technology Branding templates