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Key benefits of display advertising software

Display Advertising

The use of display ads as a promotional tool has become common over the last couple of years and is not expected to slow down any time soon. In fact, almost 60% of the worlds population is on internet. To stand out and get your market segment’s attention you need to offer more than standard text. You need to visualize yourself.

Marketers knows what it takes to get in front of their audience, but competition is fierce and there is no quick fix. If you are putting your money on banner advertising, the chances are that your competitors are as well.

The bottlenecks of display advertising

Deciding to invest in display ads is one thing, but there are some factors to the equation that makes management and maintenance challenging.

  • Lack of resources: Creating banners is not easy. Format and sizes alone can be a full-time job, but also important is the UX. Optimizing and creating quality ads often requires a skilled designer, and you need to hire an external agency.
  • Budget constraints: If you have a tight budget, investing in display ads is easier said than done. The cost of placement is not necessarily that expensive, the making and maintenance of your ads are.
  • Swift market changes: Market relevancy is a hot potato. It’s simply not enough to create a display ad and let it run forever. You have to be alert and in front to attract the right attention. Of course, this puts strains on your marketing team and your budget.

Display ads banner creator software

What do you do when your hands are tide to a limited budget, and you lack the right resources in-house? The answer is easy, you invest in technology. Think of it this way: In your personal life you probably use a bunch of different tools and services to efficiently get you through the day, whether it is your smart phone, a digital family calendar, a smart home, home deliveries or any other automation device. Doesn’t it make sense to apply the same efficiency and simpleness in your work life. The chances are that your task list at work is a lot longer and more complicated than your personal life, so it makes sense to have the proper technology at hand, right?

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Invest in display ad software

A display ad creator tool, is one of many marketing tools you should have in your Martech stack and here’s why:

  • Creating display ads becomes simple – this DIY tool allows anyone to create professional looking ads in seconds.
  • Staying on brand is secured – by basing the creation of ads on pre-defined templates there is no risk of off-brand ads in circulation. You simply cannot go wrong.
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses – if you are one of those who uses budget resources to get by with display ad production, you can now say goodbye to that budget post. By having a display ad creator at hand, self-service is evident, and you no longer have to rely on external help.

Discover BrandMaster Display Ads

Google, LinkedIn, FaceBook, SnapChat or Instagram all have ad managers who can help you set up different ads. However, while these tools are created to provide simplicity to advertisers, they are not really cutting it when it comes to deliver high-end quality ads that reflects your brand identity. We are not arguing the quality of the tools, we are simply pointing out that these tools is not necessarily the right fit for every brand.

Brand assets such as logo placements, typography and imagery are placed based on standardizing within each tool. And the different platforms have different settings, which makes it difficult to achieve brand consistency across all the platforms of your choice. Another pain point, depending on the platform, is that formats need manual handiwork.

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At the end of the day, you want to streamline your display advertising production and maintenance, and this is what Display Ads do.

  • Pre-defined templates allow anyone to create their own ads in 1-2-3.
  • Pre-defined format and auto generated output allow you to create the ad you need and the tool will do the rest for you. Simply magic, one ad – multiple outputs.
  • Real-time changes make it easy to stay relevant. Simply edit the ad and republish and your ad is updated.
  • Maintenance is easy. By keeping your designs and templates online, any changes you have to your design can easily be modified in one single place. And when ready, publish and your live with your new design.

Want to learn more about our Display Ads tool? Check out our brochure.

Display ads banner creator software