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Brand Management
Complete chaos of files and digital assets spread in all directions can easily lead to abusage of logo and marketing material. The consequences may leave your brand inconsistent and ambiguous.

With BrandMaster aboard you control and manage your brand with seamless automation and establish consistent branding processes.

Our platform is created and designed for advanced and dynamic digital solutions that delivers complete brand control with different marketing tools.

Everything in one place

A huge challenge when it comes to brand control is files and brand assets spread all over and used incorrectly. Often stored locally on the designer’s computer or hard drive, sent to numerous emails and disappears in the inbox. Or, worse, no one knows where the files are located.

The latter may result in unnecessary time spent looking, or the employees take matters into own hands and create something themselves – without thinking about brand identity or even being a designer.

With BrandMaster you get a solution that stores everything in one place. You avoid the risk of having old and outdated material in circulation and related time-thieves. Additionally, you make sure that every asset is on brand, instead you can spend your time focusing on strengthening your brand.

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Always updated

Your brand identity is an important component in the success of your company. But undoubtedly a challenge if new and old files are mixed. Outdated and inconsistent brand building can be damaging for your brand reputation.

With our platform you administrate your brand online and secure an always updated brand. This removes the challenge with outdated content and material and contributes to a consistent and strong brand.

In BrandMaster we stay aligned with time. We make sure your solution is always updated and meets your expectations. With BrandMaster you can rest assure that you are ready to meet your consumers needs while building a strong and consistent brand.

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Central control – Local adjustment

Our platform not only makes sure you have considerable more control of your brand, it also allows adjustments of digital assets. By making your templates available online you allow for self-serviced templates, regardless of graphical material.

To quote Ralf Speth, CEO Jaguar Land Rover: “If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design”. The second your employees in your marketing department do not find digital assets or the material they need, for e.g. campaigns, they will most likely create something themselves. Not only may this break with the brand guidelines, even worse, a complete bummer. The CEO of  Jaguar Land Rover touches the consequences nicely in his quote.

In our platform, templates can be adjusted for different channels and platforms – always aligned with the company brand guidelines.

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Always available

With an online solution you make sure everything is available, always. Something that contributes to reducing time looking for material. Additionally, it allows your employees to work more flexible and you avoid frustration. 

This also empowers brand manager to present all details and content related to a brand in an online solution by collecting, organizing and sharing across the entire organization and collaborators.

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Controlling in real time

If you are responsible for your company’s brand, our platform provides full control. Changes in your brand guidelines happens in real time and you always have full insight in how, when and where your content is used. In addition, we have solutions that allow you to create and execute brand launch with simplicity, and make sure your launch is smoothly completed and reach your designated target groups.


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