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Establishing brand recognition is essential if you are going to have any chance of building your brand successfully and when you also know that it takes 5-7 impressions before people remember your brand… Well, then you better make sure your brand looks the same at every impression. If not, it will take you a whole lot more than 7 times.

We know, this is easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. With structure, a system and the right technology at hand, brand recognition is within reach. Now let’s look at graphic design templates.

Accomplish brand consistency, establish brand recognition

Achieving brand recognition takes time and effort. You have the recipe, and you know the drill, but at the end of the day, how your brand is presented is often out of your control. Colleagues create logo material without any respect for your brand identity guidelines or worse, they use old collateral. Sounds familiar?

Nevertheless, with design templates, this will no longer be an issue. This tool allows you to streamline design tasks and increase operational efficiency without risking a broken brand.

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Build your brandThe power of online graphic design templates

This resource is a powerful and lifesaving tool for marketers and brands everywhere. It allows you to automate the production of brand assets and marketing material, enabling anyone to create what they need, when they need it. And there are no skills required.

Let’s look at some amazing template capabilities:

  • It’s online: When time is of the essence, having templates available at any time is key. Log on, choose the desired template, and create a brand asset in an instant.
  • It’s self-serviced: Usually, when it comes to creating brand and marketing assets, you either need a designer or designer skills. Not to mention the know-how and capabilities to use design software. With self-serviced design templates, this is not a problem. Anyone can be a designer with this online editor, and you don’t have to worry about brand disruption. The templates got your brand covered.
  • It’s smart: Unlike Office templates or Adobe Indesign templates that can be altered by the users even though it is a “template”, graphic design templates are smart. The technology lets you pre-define what can and can’t be changed, allowing you to always stay in control of your brand output. Every object and item has rules that narrow the design and creation options, you decide the level of flexibility.

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Why building brand recognition is essential

59% of consumers prefer to buy from brands they trust, and 21% say they purchase new products because it was from a brand they like. In other words, branding and your company’s ability to profit are connected. And that reason alone is enough to know why brand recognition is essential for success.

But that’s not all, brand recognition is a key driver for establishing brand loyalty which again leads to trust and brand equity. To put it another way: The more known your brand is, the more likely it is that your consumers will purchase your brand. And when your customers realize that your brand walks the talk, they’ll become loyal and starts spreading the word.

If you are one of those who now think to yourself: “I know all this, but it’s impossible to practice in real-life, there are two many things getting in the way of my branding strategy and long-term tasks…” We understand! That’s why you need graphic design templates.

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Key benefits of graphic design templates

Design templates can’t do everything for you, however with this technology at hand, your branding processes will become a whole lot easier.

Your brand will always be up to date

By transforming your designs to online templates, keeping your brand updated is easy. Any change or alteration you do is done in the template and your users will always have access to the latest version. No more old and outdated brand assets.

Your brand assets are always available

Part of the challenges with brand inconsistency is when colleagues either create their own assets or when they use outdated assets. By having your assets available online 24/7, you eliminate this challenge.

Your brand assets become self-serviced

Another part of the inconsistency challenge is the need to adapt to local needs. Today, with the large range of platforms, channels, and market needs, this is more important than ever. Asset adaption is key if you’re going to have any chance of staying market relevant. By transforming your assets to online graphic templates, your colleagues will have instant access to the assets they need, and they can modify them to fit their needs in a few simple steps.

Self-serviced templates streamline branding processes

Speed is of the essence in today’s digital marketing space. You need to be prepared for fast changes and updates, and you need to be able to deliver swiftly. Without technology and tools at hand, this is almost impossible (unless you have a design and marketing team ready 24/7). By allowing colleagues to create their own brand assets based on branded templates, you don’t risk off-brand content, and they can have their assets created in no time. It’s efficient and seamless.

Graphic design templates secure brand consistency

Another important factor in today’s fast-moving market space is that not only are your consumers using a whole range of channels and platforms which makes your market presence more complicated, but your consumers also expect a consistent brand presentation across all channels. By having online templates prepared and ready for execution, this part becomes easy.

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